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The Illinois Council of Certified Professional Midwives (ICCPM) is a nonprofit organization formed to promote the development and support of the practice of professional midwifery and establish it as a safe and reliable health care option for families in Illinois.

Watch a video about legalizing and licensing homebirth midwives in Illinois

ICCPM offers certified professional midwives (CPMs) the opportunity for professional development and continuing education, creating a professional support network for CPMs and facilitating cooperation and collaboration between midwives.

Our ultimate goal is to pass state legislation which will improve the safety of Illinois home birth mothers and babies by using the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential as the basis for licensure of community midwives.

Groups that have supported our mission over the years include the Illinois Society of Advance Practice Nurses, Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Illinois AFL-CIO, Illinois Public Health Association, Doctors for Midwives of Illinois, Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition, Illinois Acupuncture Federation, Health and Medicine Policy Research Group, Health and Disability Advocates, Illinois NOW, Concerned Christian Americans, Birthlink, and Our Bodies Ourselves.

The need to integrate CPMs into our state’s maternity care system has never been greater. Right now, fewer than 10 out of 102 Illinois counties have legally recognized home birth practices run by certified nurse-midwives or physicians. All but two of these are in the Chicago metropolitan area. Across the state, families who choose home birth are served by community midwives who do their best without access to oxygen, anti-hemorrhage medications or cooperative transport to a hospital in case of an emergency. By bringing these midwives into the system, rather than continuing to shut them out, we can make home birth safer for mothers and babies in Illinois.

All women and their families deserve equal access to CPMs and the Midwifery Model of Care. The demand for home birth services has risen dramatically in recent years and states are beginning to recognize the benefits of licensing nationally certified, skilled experts in home birth attendance. In 27 other states Certified Professional Midwives are licensed professionals, providing evidence-based maternity care in a collaborative environment.

We need your help! The support and collaboration of people like you is what keeps alive our dream of integrating CPMs into Illinois’ maternity care system. Browse our site to find the latest news, ways to help, and how to donate to help our legislative efforts.


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